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Push Your Digitalization Initiative Now!

A Real-Time Wonderware Historian database enables Industry 4.0 and digitalization of Your process. Take advantage of our Wonderware Historian or Wonderware Online promotional offer.

  • Do You know how much operational data is generated by Your machines or processes?
  • Do You know how to store, retreive and contextualize this data?
  • What if You could use this data to discover hidden values?
  • What if You easily could share this knowledge and intelligence with Your organization?

Want to know the details? Join our webinar.

As part of the promotional campaign we host a Wonderware Historian webinar on Wednesday November 15 at 10.00 am. Please join us to get more information about Historian. The presenter on this webinar is Saadi Kermani, Global Business Development, Wonderware Online and Cloud Solutions.

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If you are interested in the promotional offer or if You have any other questions, You can reach us through the below contact information.

Phone: +46 4038 4450
Email: sales@wonderware.se

Phone: +47 6781 5151
Email: sales@wonderware.no

Phone: +45 4488 5660
Email: sales@wonderware.dk 

Wonderware Historian Campaign details

Until December 31, 2017, we honor the above discount on local pricelist for Wonderware Historian 2017 Standard version incl. any version- and functional upgrades. Any OEM versions or other existing pricing agreements for the same product, or where the same product is part of a bundle, is not eligible for this promotional offer.

Read more about Wonderware Historian, Wonderware Online and Wonderware SmartGlance.

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