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July 23, 2018

Wonderware Online InSight: July 2018 update

Fiona Straton
Fiona Straton

Fiona Straton is the marketing manager for Schneider Electric's Industrial Information Management (IIM) software portfolio. With over 10 years experience at Schneider Electric, she knows that no matter your industry the key to ongoing success is to unlock the valuable insights trapped in your systems, silos and processes. Harness the power of information in your business today... can you afford not to?

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Wonderware Online Insight: July 2018 Update

Welcome to another installment of what's new in Insight. This month is all about improving the speed in which you can access and interpret information. So without further ado...

What’s new for July 2018?

  • Visualizing zones on line charts
  • Creating alerts on zones
  • More flexible control of dashboard layouts

Head over to our new Blog at www.aveva.com to read all about these exciting new features: 
What's new? Insight July 2018 update



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