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June 8, 2017

Wonderware Online: EU data center now available

Fiona Straton
Fiona Straton

Fiona Straton is the marketing manager for AVEVA's Industrial Information Management (IIM) software portfolio. With over 10 years experience at AVEVA, she knows that no matter your industry the key to ongoing success is to unlock the valuable insights trapped in your systems, silos and processes. Harness the power of information in your business today... can you afford not to?

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The importance of data sovereignty and jurisdiction

With any software system, the safety and security of your data is paramount. In the industrial domain this is even more critical, with stringent demands on cybersecurity and operating standards to ensure that your data is available anywhere, anytime.

This means that data residency and digital sovereignty is a key element of any industrial cloud-based system.

Do you know where your data is stored?

If not... you should.

For some potential customers, data sovereignty has been identified as the key barrier to cloud adoption. Companies need to ensure that data is captured, stored and used according to the local country laws, or risk falling out of compliance. 

Yet, data sovereignty is not just the domain of the end user. The software vendor has a critical part to play too.  

New European Union (EU) data center now available

Data sovereignty and jurisdiction is a key element of our security strategy. Our cloud services are physically deployed across multiple Microsoft Azure data centers and use the most up-to-date security standards available. 

While Wonderware Online secure cloud services are accessible globally, with the release of our new European Union (EU) data center, customers can now elect where their subscription - and all related subscription data - is stored. Choose from either the United States or the EU based on your data requirements:

Note: The European instance of Wonderware Online is geographically deployed across data centers in the Netherlands and in Ireland. 

Safe, secure and reliable. It's the core of our Wonderware Online philosophy, and with the option for EU hosting now available, you can rest-assured that we've also got your data security and sovereignty concerns covered.


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