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April 5, 2018

Wonderware Online InSight: new Australian deployment

Fiona Straton
Fiona Straton

Fiona Straton is the marketing manager for Schneider Electric's Industrial Information Management (IIM) software portfolio. With over 10 years experience at Schneider Electric, she knows that no matter your industry the key to ongoing success is to unlock the valuable insights trapped in your systems, silos and processes. Harness the power of information in your business today... can you afford not to?

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Aussie Aussie Aussie...

We are excited to announce that Insight powered by Wonderware Online now has its own true blue Australian data center.

This is great news for anyone wanting to host their data in Australia for performance or data sovereignty and jurisdiction reasons.

Select the data center right for you

When you first sign up or create a solution at https://online.wonderware.com, the Insight platform will automatically provide you with storage options based on your location.

Create your Insight solution in Australia, USA or Europe

Your choice here will set where your subscription, and all associated data, is hosted. So you can choose the data center best suited to your jurisdiction and compliance needs.

Our cloud services are physically deployed across multiple Microsoft Azure data centers and use the most up-to-date security standards available. Data center options currently available include:

  • United States (West Coast)
  • European Union (geographically deployed across data centers in the Netherlands and Ireland)
  • Australia (East Coast)

Note: if you want to store data in the EU please visit https://online.wonderware.eu 

We know that your industrial data demands a more stringent cybersecurity posture than other domains, which is why all of our cloud services are governed by our Safe, Secure and Reliable philosophy. Giving you peace of mind that wherever you host your data it is protected - at rest and in motion.

Why not discover it for yourself today with a 45-day free trial: https://online.wonderware.com 

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