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October 10, 2016

Wonderware LIVE! - if you were not there, here is what you missed!

Jay David
Jay David

Automation and Controls Engineer with 25 years experience in the design, installation, start-up and commissioning of process control and automation systems. Does marketing and project management too.

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G’day folks.

I’ve aggregated a summary of the Wonderware LIVE! 2016 user conference. Find out what's new with Wonderware through the videos we’ve created, the topics we discussed and the new products we’ve introduced in Orlando.

Day to day Summary:

Keller Rinaudo of Zipline about using drones to save lives

New Product Pages

What's NEW and exciting with Wonderware

  • Wonderware InTouch Omni preview - Want to see your future? Experience the future of industrial operations software, up close and personal, as we introduce a revolutionary new system.
  • Redefining the industry through Prometheus - Not magic, just really amazing technology – join us for the debut of the world’s first End-to-End Lifecycle Management solution for control systems that allows you to build once and use everywhere, across PLCs, RTUs and HMI. All in real-time!
  • Expanded Cloud Platform with Wonderware Online InStudio - Wonderware Online InStudio is a secure, cloud subscription service that lets Systems Integrators overlay a next-generation infrastructure that is highly available and scalable. 
  • The Extended Scope of Wonderware Recipe Manager Plus - Wonderware Recipe Manager Plus is an automation-system agnostic recipe management and execution application, so it works well within various automation system environments.
  • Serialization Suite for the Life Science Industry - Advantages of implementing this Serialization Suite include seamless integration to the automation layer (regardless of vendor), a common data repository and a model-driven framework.

What's NEW and exciting with Wonderware


Wonderware LIVE! Videos








Hope everyone made it back safely.