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January 11, 2017

Import CSV Files Into Wonderware Online InSight Using Drag-and-Drop

Fiona Straton
Fiona Straton

Fiona Straton is the marketing manager for AVEVA's Industrial Information Management (IIM) software portfolio. With over 10 years experience at AVEVA, she knows that no matter your industry the key to ongoing success is to unlock the valuable insights trapped in your systems, silos and processes. Harness the power of information in your business today... can you afford not to?

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Importing CSV files into Wonderware Online InSight using new drag-and-drop feature

In case you missed it... Wonderware Online InSight now allows you to easily import CSV files using the new drag-and-drop feature!

If you are an administrator why not watch this short video to discover how quickly you can upload wide-format CSV files containing either time-series data into the system. It has never been simpler to transform your data into insights.


Stay tuned for a video outlining the more advanced scripting method which allows you to automate the upload of CSV files using the convenient URL interface. 

Wonderware Online InSight. Turn your data into insights. It is that simple.

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