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Wonderware LIVE! 2016

Breakout Sessions

Learn about the latest advances in process and automation engineering, share your professional insights, attend roundtable forums on the latest industry topics and network with your peers.

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Featured sessions on NextGen Innovation

NextGen Innovation Conference



Big unveil of the next generation of industrial software

For 30 years, Wonderware has lead the way with the world’s most innovative industrial software. Join us in Orlando, as we unveil the next generation of industrial software that will set the bar for the next 30 years. 

NEW! Universal Automation Configuration

Re-envision the status quo with Industry’s First Ever universal automation configuration tool.  The holy grail is now reality ...One ultimate configurator that works across HMI & Supervisory, PLCs and IoT devices. All in real-time. All in one operation.

All New Wonderware Online Platform: InStudio/DevStudio  and InSight Subscription

Discover the latest in our Wonderware Online platform. Automation development in the cloud is now a reality: the first-ever cloud-based collaborative environment for development, testing, training in the industrial software space. 

Operations Management for the Continuous Process Industry

Learn about Ampla operations management software. Discover more about new features, product evolution and our major release in 2016: Ampla Inventory. We will also cover Ampla Energy and Ampla Performance: two key offers in the Ampla operations management software portfolio. 

Get Started on Your Manufacturing Operations Transformation Journey

Learn how model-driven, multi-site MOM programs can help close the IT/OT gap, safeguard quality and improve operational performance.


Featured sessions on Industry Specific Solutions

Wonderware Conference Industry Solutions



Introduction to Industry Solutions

This session will introduce you to a new concept--industry solutions. Turnkey offerings targeting key market challenges, such as serialization in life sciences, OEE for packaging in food and beverage, or water network management in the water/wastewater industry. We'll review the current offerings and share some future vision. This session will prepare you for IND SOL-02 through -07.

Line Performance Suite for Packaging Line Management

If you are a food processor, OEM, or CPG manufacturer, you know that packaging can contribute more than 20% to your waste. We have an answer: an integrated OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) solution that provides oversight, management and analytics for optimizing your packaging lines.

Answering to Serialization Regulation Challenges in the Life Sciences Industry

Serialization is fast becoming a necessity for the pharmaceuticals industry to ensure product identity in distribution; ward off counterfeiting/gray marketing; and reduce revenue, profit, and brand equity loss due to subpar products.  The Life Sciences Serialization Suite provides a turnkey solution to enable track, trace and serialization for a line, a site, or the enterprise.

Achieving Optimization and Management of Water Networks

The Water Network Optimization Solution provides the water/wastewater utility customers with a complete telemetry solution. Based on Aquis, our advanced water network operation system, the solution provides features beyond the traditional real-time water network control. Lower your operation and maintenance risks and costs by identifying, controlling and managing planned and unplanned events even before they happen.

Predictive Asset Analytics Improves Reliability, Risk Management in  Power/Power Gen

An overview of the Predictive Asset  Analytics Suite from Schneider Electric. It offers predictive maintenance  for power generation plants, reducing operating costs and improving operating performance by shifting from a reactive/proactive to predictive mode. Gain improved reliability and risk management using a Condition-based approach to maintenance; and use benchmarking to measure asset performance against design criteria and industry standards. 


Featured sessions on Mega Trends

Mega Trend Conference



IIoT - in Action: Practical Steps & Technologies to Make IIoT a Reality

The essential elements of Wonderware offerings that enables end to end IIoT solutions focusing on MQTT, IoTView/System Platform Integration, WW Online.

Industry 4.0 Addressing the Operational Transformation through the "New World of Work"

There's a major rethink in how Industrial Operations will run in 2020-25, and therefore the way operational/ automation systems will be implemented. This session is a "thought leadership" session based on real strategies being applied in the market across industries. To achieve agility in the "value chain" the approach to Industrial system design must change to "new world of work".

Take System Platform to Next Level with Condition-based and Predictive Maintenance

Drive a more strategic and proactive maintenance program with condition-based and predictive maintenance for early warning notification of equipment issues. This session will discuss how you can get more value out of existing investments and will also cover our remote monitoring and diagnostics services.


Learn. Share. Network.


Learn about the latest advances in process and automation engineering, share your professional insights, attend roundtable forums on the latest industry topics and network with your peers.

Wonderware is again changing the Industry landscape from Human Powered to Empowered Humans.  Let us show you a new level of control – a level of control that has the power to change industry itself.

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The Wonderware User Conference is more than an industry-leading technical conference. It is a community of industrial automation professionals committed to extracting the most from their automation investment and sharing their knowledge with each other.

Orlando, Florida

Loews Royal Pacific Resort | October 3-6, 2016