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Webinar: System Platform 2017

A Step Change in Industrial Operations Management

SP2017 with IT OMI SC-017.png

System Platform 2017 with InTouch OMI is the future of industrial simplicity, flexibility and scope. In this webinar, Director of Product Management, John Krajewski, summarizes how Wonderware’s powerful new platform can:

  • Dramatically reduce your re-engineering investments.
  • Empower people throughout your organization.
  • Bridge the IT/OT gap with “plug-and-play” integrated apps.

What You’ll Find in this Webinar

In this 1-hour webinar, you’ll get an inside look at System Platform 2017 from John Krajewski, Director of Product Management for Supervisory Platforms and HMI & SCADA at Schneider Electric Software. Here’s what you can expect to learn:

  • Why system standardization is a key mechanism for assembling any application, and how System Platform makes setting standards simpler.
  • How customers are overcoming challenges related to scope and process complexity with the built-in scalability of an open industrial platform.
  • The key challenges and benefits that System Platform 2017 was built to help you overcome, including the rising costs of process management and the enormous potential of industrial applications.

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