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March 2, 2017

Podcast: Cloud Information Management

Paul Shelton
Paul Shelton

Paul Shelton is responsible for the strategic direction of the Wonderware Information Management software business. This includes research and development, engaging the distributor channel, and working with the global sales, delivery and marketing teams. The business segment also leads our Microsoft Azure and mobility priorities. Prior to this role Paul managed the Wonderware channel in North America for eight years.

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Companies today are faced with an influx of big data created through the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). At the same time, there is increased pressure from the market to limit new capital-intensive investments. In order to take advantage of the increase in data, while minimizing total cost of ownership, companies can leverage a secure cloud information management system. Cloud information management contextualizes and makes data accessible across the enterprise for improved decision making. View the podcast with Maintenance Technology and Saadi Kermani to learn how online managed services and advanced analytics enable companies to reduce operational costs, optimize assets and streamline processes.

Maintenance Technology Podcast: Cloud Computing with Saadi Kermani


In this Maintenance Technology podcast Saadi Kermani explains the benefits of storing industrial data in the cloud

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