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On-Demand Webinar: Discover Termis! by Schneider Electric

Follow the link below to register for this event.

Register and Watch On-Demand

Discover Termis by Schneider Electric, a scalable, district energy specific software solution which uses most of your existing IT investments and applies to different roles in the organization.

Termis is a district energy specific software solution that empowers engineers, operators and managers with tools suited for each role, all in one package. Its scalability will make sure that all your designs can be used directly in real time operation and optimization activities, and it will grow as you grow, all while using most of your existing IT data.

Learn in 30 Minutes:

  • How to simplify the design process and the analysis of new and existing networks.
  • How to identify incidents (bottlenecks, low pressure service, etc.) even before they happen and how to avoid or minimize their impact.
  • How to plan your maintenance work more efficiently and with minimal disruption in the service.
  • How to get more real time data for your district energy network compared to the limited data that you get today in your HMI.
  • How to save money and energy by optimizing your existing infrastructure.