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Webinar: Expanding HMI role beyond Operator Process Graphics

Follow the link below to register for this event.

Register and Watch On-Demand

View our On-Demand Webinar: Expanding HMI role beyond Operator Process Graphics!

View our on-demand webinar to learn how to expand the role of HMI beyond operator process graphics.

Be it phone, tablet or computer - see how you can access your HMI from anywhere.

What you will learn from this Webinar:

  • How to use our low-cost web solution that fully leverages ArchestrA Graphics and vector-based technology.
  • How to reduce HMI application engineering time to a fraction of its current investment.
  • How to design applications in multiple target resolutions and deploy seamlessly.
  • How to access your HMI from any HTML5 web browser, even your smartphone.