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February 27, 2017

Empower People To Turn Industrial Data Into Insights

Paul Shelton
Paul Shelton

Paul Shelton is responsible for the strategic direction of the Wonderware Information Management software business. This includes research and development, engaging the distributor channel, and working with the global sales, delivery and marketing teams. The business segment also leads our Microsoft Azure and mobility priorities. Prior to this role Paul managed the Wonderware channel in North America for eight years.

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The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) has brought tremendous opportunity to transform big data into actionable insights. 

Companies can unlock hidden insights within their operations using industrial big data, but first they need the proper tools to contextualize it and get the right information to the right person in the right format at the right time. 


 Paul Shelton discusses how to leverage your industrial big data for improved decision making

Context Driven Insights

Currently, data management for most organizations is in the “past state.” At this level of maturity industrial big data sits in silos where it is of limited use. The data can be analyzed to determine the root cause of past events for regulatory inquiries or critical fault diagnostics, but it is not helpful for real-time analysis or immediate operational improvement.

Adding context through a big data management solution such as a plant or enterprise data historian is key to transitioning from a “past state” of data management to a “current state.” A data historian adds an extra layer of context to operations by consolidating data from a variety of sources - bridging the IT/OT gap – to provide users with a coherent enterprise-wide view of performance. 

Historian By the Numbers.png

Wonderware Historian Infographic

Advanced analytics are also key for adding context and extracting value from industrial big data. Advanced data visualization tools allow users to identify correlations between seemingly unrelated events. This allows operators to transition from asking “what happened?” to “what is happening now?” and unlock hidden insight within their operations. 

The "Future State" of Data Management

Organizations can expose the next level of value from industrial big data by incorporating predictive analytics. Using advanced pattern recognition and machine learning to monitor equipment, predictive analytics help to identify and diagnose potential problems before they occur. Early warning notifications enable operators to correct issues before they affect the business. Incorporating predictive analytics on top of a data management system allows the transition to a “future state” of data management, completing the transformation from “what happened?” to asking “what will happen?”

Improve Data Access

In order to unlock the full value of big data management, employees along the decison making chain must be able to access key information whenever and wherever they need it. Mobile and remote applications enable employees to access relevant KPIs and operational benchmarks anywhere, anytime and from any device. These applications empower staff with the tools they need to be active participants in real-time workstreams across teams, giving them the information to understand what's happened, what's happening and what is likely to happen for improved decision making.  

Unlocking Operational Benefits

As an example of the operational benefits that can be unlocked using big data management and improved data access, Carson City Public Works implemented Wonderware SmartGlance and Wonderware Historian to improve industrial data management and visibility. Using SmartGlance allows Carson City employees to immediately access KPIs and important operational data from reports generated by Wonderware Historian, empowering them to make more informed decisions based on real-time information while in the field.

With the ability to access multiple reports and compare data, team members can quickly pinpoint problems at any of the city’s public works locations. This enables team members to immediately access and share reports amongst themselves when needed in a cost effective and secure manner.

As a result of implementing this solution, Carson City was able to achieve a 15% reduction in operations staff hours and transition from five eight-hour days to four ten-hour days.

MAG_2085_01.MP4.Still001_worker using computer in plant.jpg

Carson City Success Story

Wonderware Information Management

Wonderware offers the most comprehensive portfolio of open-ended, equipment agnostic solutions to help you transform your industrial data into insights. Using our trusted solutions you can unlock the hidden insights within your industrial data for improved operations and greater efficiencies.

IIM Industry.png

Industrial Information Management Infographic

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