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June 29, 2016

Driving Value Beyond HMI/SCADA with Industrial Information Management

Paul Shelton
Paul Shelton

Paul Shelton is responsible for the strategic direction of the Wonderware Information Management software business. This includes research and development, engaging the distributor channel, and working with the global sales, delivery and marketing teams. The business segment also leads our Microsoft Azure and mobility priorities. Prior to this role Paul managed the Wonderware channel in North America for eight years.

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The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) continues to produce an ever-increasing amount of big data generated from people, devices and processes. Most equipment today is equipped with low-cost, data-transmitting sensors that communicate with other sensors, applications, SCADA, HMI, historians and any number of other systems. With the increase of high fidelity data driven by IIoT it’s never been more important to consolidate and contextualize that information to drive actionable insights.

Making the investment in a secure industrial information management foundation, whether hosted on premises or in the cloud, is a key component to driving operational efficiency. Information management solutions help by providing a centralized platform to consolidate disparate data sources and bridge the IT/OT information gap for real-time, information access. This enables a comprehensive view of performance that empowers the workforce to become active participants in real-time operations and transforms data into actionable insights for timely and informed decisions. Wonderware offers a comprehensive set of solutions in this space to drive additional value from your existing systems.

 Wonderware Industrial Information Management

Hear from our Marketing Director to learn how Industrial Information Management transforms data into actionable insights: 


Tap Into Industrial InSights

One of the latest tools within our Wonderware industrial information management portfolio is our browser client, Wonderware Historian InSight. This browser client is a flexible and easy to use tool to query and trend data from Wonderware Historian. Built specifically for the needs of business users and managers, Wonderware Historian InSight enables users to quickly and easily get access to data for more informed business decisions without requiring detailed knowledge of the system configuration.

The smart client works with any modern HTML5 browser and enables comprehensive search capabilities that indexes all existing tags, user generated keywords and content names. The user can create, save and easily share personal content, as well as create, save and share dashboards based on keywords defined in the save contents.


Quickly and easily create, save and share content

Shift to a Cloud-First, Mobile-First World

For organizations looking to move their industrial data storage to the cloud as a managed, Software as a service (SaaS), or to complement and extend existing on premise investments, Wonderware Online InSight is as an attractive and affordable industrial historian as a service.

Through its rich desktop, web and native mobile clients, Wonderware Online InSight makes relevant operational data readily available to anyone across your enterprise in a way that is easy to access, easy to consume and easy to analyze. This freedom of rich information access increases faster decision making, reduces waste, helps to identify course corrections earlier and provides advanced detection of anomalies.

Wonderware Online InSight uses the same browser client as Wonderware Historian InSight, but with added functionality like the Newsfeed feature that leverages out of the box pattern detection technology to highlight unusual data behavior automatically. So if a cycle time takes longer than normal or a temperature is outside of the typical range, it is brought to the customer’s attention in the Newsfeed.

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The mobile application, Wonderware SmartGlance, enables users to get real-time, personalized alerts and KPIs on smartphones, smart watches and tablets. For example, users can configure the application to alert when the line stops for X minutes, when OEE drops below a specific value, or energy costs are above a certain threshold; enabling real-time decisions from anywhere, on any device and at any time.

The best part about the SmartGlance alerts, is that we get to the problem before it becomes a problem, and the residents of Seminole County never see a problem.

Russell W. Carpenter - Technology Coordinator, Seminole County Water Division

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Customers enjoy the ability to sign up and deploy Wonderware Online InSight and Wonderware SmartGlance uniformly and in one hour or less; contact us at feedback@wonderware.com to learn how!

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