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Alarm Adviser 2017

Install in minutes | Discover in hours | ROI in days

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Alarm Adviser 2017

Find out how easily Alarm Adviser can streamline your alarm analysis, with timely insights expediting corrective action, production efficiencies and ROI.

  • Install in Minutes

    Alarm Adviser's ease of installation has you up and running in minutes

  • Discover in Hours

    With Alarm Adviser quickly helping to identify anomalies in your operations

  • ROI in Days

    Thanks to Alarm Adviser's timely insights ensuring swift time to value


Timely Return on Investment

DEMO Alarm Adviser 2017 for yourself to find out how quickly and easily you can benefit from a holistic view of alarm data and:

  • Ensure quick time to value and ROI.
  • Distinguish critical alarms from non-critical alarms.
  • Improve operator awareness and efficiency.
  • Minimize the risk of unplanned downtime.
  • Improve plant performance and reliability.

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Simplifed, Consolidated Insight 

See first hand, how Alarm Adviser 2017 helps to amplify the value of process data and optimize efficiencies throughout your organization by:

  • Consolidating a holistic customizable view of alarm status and history.
  • Aggregating alarm data from various SCADA systems, including Wonderware System Platform, Wonderware InTouch, Citect SCADA and ClearSCADA.
  • Helping to rationalize and identify nuisance alarms in your SCADA system.


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  • Operators

    Love Alarm Adviser because:

    • Consolidated holistic view of alarm data
    • Greater insight into process data
    • Reduction in alarm overload & noise
    • Improved awareness in rationalizing alarms
    • More timely decision making
  • Engineers

    Love Alarm Adviser because:

    • Ease of installation and configuration
    • Aggregation of multiple HMI/SCADA systems
    • Ease of manual alarm analysis
    • Troubleshooting time greatly reduced 
    • Mobile access to alarm data
    • More timely corrective action
  • Managers

    Love Alarm Adviser because:

    • Quick time to value and ROI
    • Alignment with industry alarm management standards 
    • Reduces risk of unscheduled downtime & critical incidents
    • Enhances production efficiency & profitability
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