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October 27, 2016

Achieve Enterprise Scale Benefits with Multi-site MOM

Keith Chambers
Keith Chambers

Keith Chambers is responsible for the strategic direction, commercialization and development of the operations management portfolio globally. This includes our Wonderware MES, Wonderware InBatch, Wonderware Recipe Manger Plus and Wonderware Skelta BPM portfolio of products.

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Better synchronization of activity between the production processes and business processes is a largely untapped source of value.

Realizing the value hidden in your operations is the domain of Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) systems, which, as described in the ISA 95 Enterprise Control Systems Integration standard, cover all aspects of maintenance, production, quality control and inventory operations management in manufacturing.

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At the plant level MOM adoption has a proven history of success, with benefits including gains in productivity, quality and cost savings. However, concerns about long implementation times have dissuaded some companies from achieving full, enterprise-scale benefits.

Multi-site Manufacturing Operations Management

Many manufacturing businesses have grown into large national, multinational or global organizations through mergers and acquisitions. These companies are now equipped with production plants across multiple regions with heterogeneous system landscapes and varying practices. However their final product, business targets and operational activities must be uniform across the board.

The primary enabler of an effective multi-site implementation strategy is the enterprise-wide standardization of information technologies.

The physical attributes and even the level of automation of manufacturing plants in an enterprise may vary, but what standardization strives for is a common way of monitoring and measuring operational efficiency for decision support and interacting with each manufacturing location for process execution.  

Hear from Keith Chambers on the value of beginning your Manufacturing Operations Transformation Journey.
This alignment of manufacturing IT systems across the business is the beginning (or continuation) of a transformation to provide both operational and business improvements. We can think of such Manufacturing Operations Transformation (MOT) as a maturity model for manufacturing operations.
Transform Your Manufacturing Operations
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Standardization Across a Multi-site Business

IT harmonization is the foundation to digitally model, integrate, execute, and govern operational processes and related data and information flow consistently across multiple plants. Additionally it helps lessen manufacturing IT ownership cost by reducing the large number of different applications and technologies used for a similar purpose in each plant. 

Standardization of operational processes and information is possible with the following components:

  •  A reusable operations process modeling and execution approach, which standardizes all operations and simplifies deployment of processes to equipment, systems and people.
  • An open engineering and runtime platform, hardened for industrial use, leveraging Business Process Management capabilities and designed for integration of business, manufacturing operations and production processes and data.
  • A broad suite of industrial applications scaling from rapid ROI equipment performance optimization to full manufacturing operations management functionality.

This combination ultimately enables manufacturing industries to make operational improvements and transform operations consistently across multiple sites, with adaptability to the site-specific nuances.

How to Implement Multi-Site MOM

Such multi-site deployments need to happen in a phased approach as an incremental functional strategy with orientation on priorities in business strategies. At the core multi-site MOM is both a methodology for continuous improvement and a process for execution across the business.

Multi-site Operations Transformation.png

To read more about Wonderware and our specific approach to Multi-Site Manufacturing Operations Management, our Manufacturing IT Platform and applications portfolio as well as purpose built industry solutions, click here.

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