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April 16, 2017

Disruptive Technology: 3 Big Reasons Why Wonderware System Platform 2017 is a Game Changer


Wonderware is the global leader in Human Machine Interface (HMI), SCADA and real-time operations management software. Wonderware solutions enable production and industrial operations to synchronize with business objectives to achieve speed, flexibility and sustained profitability. Wonderware software delivers significant cost benefits for designing, building, deploying and maintaining robust applications for manufacturing and infrastructure operations.

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  1. Easy to Build. InTouch OMI brings responsive HMI development to Industrial Software. Build once. Deploy on any device! Find out more 
  2. Easy to Use. Modern UI/UX standards increase usability across devices by incorporating multi-touch and gesture controls, Historian playback and contextualized apps. Find out more
  3. Easy to Own. Supporting a mix of on-premise, cloud-based or hybrid applications offers the most pragmatic and flexible shift to real-time control and actionable insights. Find out more

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System Platform is a complete automation solution that can deliver 40% efficiency gains in the face of changing business and market demands by eliminating the need for scripting or customization, and leveraging reusable visualizations.

System Platform Key Value Drivers

  • Unparalleled Engineering Simplicity
  • Unmatched Operational Agility
  • Real-time Actionable Intelligence
  • Lowest Total Cost of Ownership
  • Enterprise-wide Standards Compliance
  • Continuous Process Improvement

Find out why System Platform 2017 is a game-changer